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End-Capped Poly(benzyl ethers): Acid and Base Stable Polymers That Depolymerize Rapidly from Head-to-Tail in Response to Specific Applied Signals

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posted on 13.08.2013, 00:00 by Michael G. Olah, Jessica S. Robbins, Matthew S. Baker, Scott T. Phillips
This article describes poly­(benzyl ethers) that depolymerize from head-to-tail when an end-cap on the terminus of the polymer is cleaved from the polymer through a specific activity-based detection event. The polymers are prepared in high yields with short polymerization times and are accessible in lengths extending to thousands of repeating units. End-caps are introduced with a variety of functional groups, which provides access to polymers with selective response properties. The end-capped polymers are stable to acid, base, and heat, but depolymerize completely within minutes of removal of the end-cap and treatment of the un-end-capped polymer with base.