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Encapsulation and Enhanced Delivery of Topoisomerase I Inhibitors in Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes

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posted on 01.06.2018, 12:53 authored by Sieun Chae, Dahee Kim, Kyung-jin Lee, Dasol Lee, Young-O Kim, Yong Chae Jung, Sang Dal Rhee, Kwang Rok Kim, Jeong-O Lee, Sunjoo Ahn, Byumseok Koh
The topoisomerase I inhibitors SN-38 and camptothecin (CPT) have shown potent anticancer activity, but water insolubility and metabolic instability limits their clinical application. Utilizing carbon nanotubes as a protective shell for water-insoluble SN-38 and CPT while maintaining compatibility with aqueous media via a carboxylic acid-functionalized surface can thus be a strategy to overcome this limitation. Through hydrophobic–hydrophobic interactions, SN-38 and CPT were successfully encapsulated in carboxylic acid functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes and dispersed in water. The resulting cell proliferation inhibition and drug distribution profile inside the cells suggest that these drug-encapsulated carbon nanotubes can serve as a promising delivery strategy for water-insoluble anticancer drugs.