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Enantiospecific Synthesis of (−)-Slaframine and Related Hydroxylated Indolizidines. Utilization of a Nucleophilic Alaninol Synthon Derived from Serine1

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posted on 04.08.1999, 00:00 by Mukund P. Sibi, James W. Christensen
A general methodology for the synthesis of indolizidine alkaloids δ-coniceine (12), 1-hydroxyindolizidine (20), desacetoxy slaframine (24), slaframine (34), and an analogue (37) has been developed. This convergent approach utilizes the available chirality in proline and serine and is conceptually different from other approaches. A highly stereoselective coupling of the prolinals with a nucleophilic alaninol synthon provides the precursors for the key cyclization. A novel thermolytic annulation of an oxazolidinone is the key step in the formation of the six-membered piperidine ring. Further elaboration provides the target natural products 24, 34, and 37 in good overall yields.