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Enantioselective Halolactonizations Using Amino-Acid-Derived Phthalazine Catalysts

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posted on 04.10.2019, 13:34 by Min Gan, Wei Wang, Haitao Wang, Yuqiang Wang, Xiaojian Jiang
Amino-acid-derived phthalazine catalysts have been designed and synthesized for enantioselective halolactonization of prochiral dienoic acids. The scope of the reaction is evidenced by 17 examples of spiro α-exo-methylene-halolactones with up to 99.8% enantiomeric excess. The resulting enantio-enriched spiro halolactone products are found to exhibit potent antitumor effects. In addition, both antipodes of products with equally excellent enantioselevity could be obtained since a pair of enantiomeric catalysts is guaranteed.