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Enantioselective Acyloin Rearrangement of Acyclic Aldehydes Catalyzed by Chiral Oxazaborolidinium Ion

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posted on 08.02.2021, 15:09 by Soo Min Cho, Si Yeon Lee, Do Hyun Ryu
A catalytic enantioselective acyloin rearrangement of acyclic aldehydes to synthesize highly optically active acyloin derivatives is described. In the presence of a chiral oxazaborolidinium ion catalyst, the reaction provided chiral α-hydroxy aryl ketones in high yield (up to 95%) and enantioselectivity (up to 98% ee). In addition, the enantioselective acyloin rearrangement of α,α-dialkyl-α-siloxy aldehydes produced chiral α-siloxy alkyl ketones in high yield (up to 92%) with good enantioselectivity (up to 89% ee).