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Enantioenriched γ‑Aminoalcohols, β‑Amino Acids, β‑Lactams, and Azetidines Featuring Tetrasubstituted Fluorinated Stereocenters via Palladacycle-Catalyzed Asymmetric Fluorination of Isoxazolinones

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posted on 2021-12-10, 18:38 authored by Nick Wannenmacher, Camilla Pfeffer, Wolfgang Frey, René Peters
Enantiopure fluorine containing β-amino acids are of large biological and pharmaceutical interest. Strategies to prepare β-amino acid derivatives possessing a F-containing tetrasubstituted stereocenter at the α-C atom in a catalytic asymmetric sense are rare, in particular using an enantioselective electrophilic C–F bond formation. In the present study, a highly enantioselective palladacycle-catalyzed fluorination of isoxazolinones was developed. It is demonstrated that isoxazolinones are useful precursors toward enantiopure β-amino acid derivatives by diastereo- and chemoselective reduction. The formed γ-aminoalcohols served as valuable precursors toward β-amino acids, β-amino acid esters, and β-lactams, all featuring tetrasubstituted fluorinated stereocenters. In addition, by this work, enantioenriched fluorinated azetidines were accessible for the first time.