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Employing Pd-Catalyzed C–H Arylation in Multicomponent-Multicatalyst Reactions (MC)2R: One-Pot Synthesis of Dihydrobenzoquinolines

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journal contribution
posted on 12.01.2017, 00:00 by Fabian Lied, Helena Brodnik Žugelj, Steffen Kress, Bogdan Štefane, Frank Glorius, Mark Lautens
The one-pot synthesis of a broad variety of dihydrofuroquinolines, dihydrothienoquinolines, and dihydrobenzoquinolines is reported. The combination of the Rh­(I)-catalyzed hydroarylation of vinylpyridines with the Pd(0)/Pd­(II)-catalyzed direct C–H arylation in a Multicomponent-Multicatalyst Reaction (MC)2R could be used to develop an efficient and step-economic protocol for the rapid construction of molecular complexity. A high-yielding synthesis of π-extended heteroarenes through an efficient three-step-one-pot procedure and a highly enantioselective synthesis of 6-alkylsubstituted dihydrobenzoquinolines are shown.