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Electroreductive Hydroxymethylation of Imines with Ketones To Access β‑Amino Alcohols

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posted on 2023-01-25, 13:39 authored by Wei-Mei Zeng, Wen-Feng Dong, Yan-Hong He, Ya-Nan Zhao, Zhi Guan
In this article, an electrochemical method for the direct synthesis of β-amino alcohols from imines and ketones is described. Mechanistic studies, including a radical trapping experiment, electron paramagnetic resonance, cyclic voltammetry, and divided-cell electrolysis experiment, support the radical-involved reductive cross coupling of imines with ketones at the cathode. The use of abundant and easily prepared starting materials, high atom- and step-economy, and insensitivity to air and moisture make this synthetic strategy more efficient for the construction of various β-amino alcohol derivatives.