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Electropolymerized Highly Photoconductive Thin Films of Cyclopalladated and Cycloplatinated Complexes

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posted on 25.02.2015, 00:00 authored by Andreea Ionescu, Raffaella Lento, Teresa F. Mastropietro, Iolinda Aiello, Roberto Termine, Attilio Golemme, Mauro Ghedini, Nathalie Bellec, Elena Pini, Isabella Rimoldi, Nicolas Godbert
The complete characterization of novel electropolymerizable organometallic complexes is presented. These are newly synthesized cyclometalated complexes of general formula (PPy)­M­(O∧N)n (H­(PPy) = 2-phenylpyridine, M = Pd­(II) or Pt­(II), H­(O∧N)n = Schiff base). Polymeric thin films have been obtained from these complexes by electropolymerization of the triphenylamino group grafted onto the H­(O∧N)n ancillary ligand. The redox behavior and the photoconductivity of both of the monomers (PPy)­M­(O∧N)n and the electropolymerized species have been investigated. The polymeric films of (PPy)­M­(O∧N)n have shown a very significant enhancement of photoconductivity when compared to their monomeric amorphous counterparts. The high stability of the obtained films strongly suggests that electropolymerization of cyclometalated complexes represents a viable deposition technique of quality thin films with improved photoconduction properties, hence opening the door to a new class of materials with suitable properties for optoelectronic applications.