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Electropolymerization of Poly(phenylene oxide) on Graphene as a Top-Gate Dielectric

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posted on 2015-01-13, 00:00 authored by Alexey Lipatov, Benjamin B. Wymore, Alexandra Fursina, Timothy H. Vo, Alexander Sinitskii, Jody G. Redepenning
Site-directed electrochemical deposition of pinhole free, low-κ dielectric thin films on graphene is described for the first time. Specifically, we demonstrate the heterogeneous electrochemical polymerization of phenol to form thin (3–4 nm) layers of poly­(phenylene oxide) (PPO) on monolayer graphene samples prepared by micromechanical exfoliation and chemical vapor deposition growth. We demonstrate the reliability of depositing PPO films simultaneously on a large number of devices, and selected individual graphene flakes/devices. The performance of top-gated field effect transistor devices described herein demonstrates the utility of electrodeposited PPO films as a top-gate dielectric.