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Electrophotocatalytic C–H Functionalization of Ethers with High Regioselectivity

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posted on 14.01.2020, 19:35 by He Huang, Zack M. Strater, Tristan H. Lambert
The highly regioselective electrophotocatalytic C–H functionalization of ethers is described. These reactions are catalyzed by a trisamino­cyclopropenium (TAC) ion at mild electrochemical potential with visible light irradiation. Ethers undergo oxidant-free coupling with isoquinolines, alkenes, alkynes, pyrazoles, and purines with typically high regioselectivity for the less-hindered α-position. The reaction is proposed to operate via hydrogen atom transfer (HAT) from the substrate to the photoexcited TAC radical dication, thus demonstrating a new reactivity mode for this electrophotocatalyst.