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Electrochemically Enabled, Nickel-Catalyzed Dehydroxylative Cross-Coupling of Alcohols with Aryl Halides

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posted on 24.02.2021, 01:05 by Zijian Li, Wenxuan Sun, Xianxu Wang, Luyang Li, Yong Zhang, Chao Li
As alcohols are ubiquitous throughout chemical science, this functional group represents a highly attractive starting material for forging new C–C bonds. Here, we demonstrate that the combination of anodic preparation of the alkoxy triphenylphosphonium ion and nickel-catalyzed cathodic reductive cross-coupling provides an efficient method to construct C­(sp2)–C­(sp3) bonds, in which free alcohols and aryl bromidesboth readily available chemicalscan be directly used as coupling partners. This nickel-catalyzed paired electrolysis reaction features a broad substrate scope bearing a wide gamut of functionalities, which was illustrated by the late-stage arylation of several structurally complex natural products and pharmaceuticals.