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Electrochemical Generation of Cationic Pd Catalysts and Application to Pd/TEMPO Double-Mediatory Electrooxidative Wacker-Type Reactions

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posted on 28.02.2007, 00:00 by Koichi Mitsudo, Takashi Kaide, Eriko Nakamoto, Kenta Yoshida, Hideo Tanaka
We have developed an electrooxidative method for generating cationic palladium complexes [Pd(CH3CN)4][X]2 (X = BF4, PF6, and ClO4) from Pd(OAc)2 and several electrolytes bearing X groups in CH3CN. The system could be integrated into an electrochemical Wacker-type reaction. In the presence of a catalytic amount of TEMPO, the reaction proceeded smoothly to give the corresponding methyl ketones.