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Electrochemical Cyclization of Alkynyl Enaminones: Controllable Synthesis of Indeno[1,2‑c]pyrroles or Indanones

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posted on 2022-08-04, 18:40 authored by Yulei Zhao, Yuhang Fan, Xiaohan Meng, Xin Kang, Zhongyin Ji, Shina Yan, Laijin Tian
We report an electrochemical intramolecular [3 + 2] cyclization of alkynyl enaminones in a user-friendly undivided cell under constant current conditions without an oxidant and catalyst, and indeno­[1,2-c]­pyrrole derivatives could be obtained in good to excellent yields. Notably, preliminary substituent-controlled selective transformation is also achieved under electrocatalysis alone, and indeno­[1,2-c]­pyrrole (R4 ≠ H) or indanone derivatives (R4 = H) could be prepared directly under electrocatalysis without adding a base and heating process.