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Electrochemical C‑H Halogenations of Enaminones and Electron-Rich Arenes with Sodium Halide (NaX) as Halogen Source for the Synthesis of 3‑Halochromones and Haloarenes

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posted on 03.09.2021, 08:03 authored by Yan Lin, Jun Jin, Chaoli Wang, Jie-Ping Wan, Yunyun Liu
Without employing an external oxidant, the simple synthesis of 3-halochromones and various halogenated electron-rich arenes has been realized with electrode oxidation by employing the simplest sodium halide (NaX, X = Cl, Br, I) as halogen source. This electrochemical method is advantageous for the simple and mild room temperature operation, environmental friendliness as well as broad substrate scope in both C–H bond donor and halogen source components.