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Electrochemical Alkoxyhalogenation of Alkenes with Organohalides as the Halide Sources via Dehalogenation

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posted on 2020-08-27, 15:41 authored by Ting-Ting Zhang, Mu-Jia Luo, Yang Li, Ren-Jie Song, Jin-Heng Li
A general, ideal atom utilization electrochemical technology to enable alkene alkoxyhalogenation and organohalide dehalogenation in one pot is presented. This technology is highlighted by convergent strategy integrating several reactions, such as alkene alkoxyhalogenation, organohalide dehalogenation, and dehalogenation deuteration. Experimental data suggest that alkenes have the lowest oxidation potential, which lead to anodic conversion of the CC bond to the radical cation intermediates, and cathodic transformations of organohalides, including alkyl and aryl halides, as the nucleophilic halogen sources.