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Electroceutical Residue-Free Graphene Device for Dopamine Monitoring and Neural Stimulation

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posted on 2019-03-15, 00:00 authored by Ho Sang Jung, Hyun Ho Kim, Myeong Hwan Shin, Seongjong Kim, Ki Su Kim, Kilwon Cho, Sei Kwang Hahn
The simultaneous neural signal monitoring and stimulation can allow accurate neurotransmitter regulation for patients in various degrees of neural degeneration disorders. Here, we developed a residue-free graphene device as an effective electrical neural interface for dopamine sensing and secretion. We demonstrated the ultrasensitive dopamine sensing of residue-free graphene devices cultured with PC12 cells and the on-demand functional electrical stimulation for electroceutical applications. The doping effect of graphene by the released dopamine from living cells was confirmed from the electrical current change. The dopamine release could be also quantitatively analyzed by ELISA. Then, Ca2+ ion-dependent dopamine release was optically observed by fluorescence microscopy during the stimulation. Taken together, this study confirms the feasibility of graphene surface as a neural interface for electroceutical applications to various central nerve system disorders.