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Efficient and Reversible Fixation of Carbon Dioxide by NCN-Chelated Organoantimony(III) Oxide

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posted on 27.04.2009, 00:00 by Libor Dostál, Roman Jambor, Aleš Růžička, Milan Erben, Robert Jirásko, Eva Černošková, Jaroslav Holeček
The dimeric organoantimony(III) oxide (ArSbO)2 (Ar = NCN chelating ligand, C6H3-2,6-(CH2NMe2)2) was obtained by the reaction of the parent ArSbCl2 compound with KOH. This oxide is able to bind carbon dioxide with formation of the monomeric, air-stable carbonate ArSbCO3. In turn, carbon dioxide can be easily eliminated from this carbonate by prolonged heating to 130 °C to recover (ArSbO)2.