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Efficient and Facile Ar−Si Bond Cleavage by Montmorillonite KSF:  Synthetic and Mechanistic Aspects of Solvent-Free Protodesilylation Studied by Solution and Solid-State MAS NMR

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posted on 2007-08-31, 00:00 authored by Yossi Zafrani, Eytan Gershonov, Ishay Columbus
A facile and efficient method for the cleavage of the Ar−Si bond of various aryl trimethyl silanes is described. When adsorbed on montmorillonite KSF (mont KSF), these arylsilanes readily undergo a solvent-free protodesilylation to the corresponding arenes at room temperature in excellent yields. This approach seems to be superior to the traditional mild methods (i.e., desilylation by TFA, TBAF, CsF), in terms of reaction yield, rate, and environmentally benign conditions. Some mechanistic studies using both solution and solid-state magic-angle spinning (SS MAS) 1H NMR are also presented.