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Efficient Transition State Optimization of Periodic Structures through Automated Relaxed Potential Energy Surface Scans

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journal contribution
posted on 26.01.2018, 16:03 by Philipp N. Plessow
This work explores how constrained linear combinations of bond lengths can be used to optimize transition states in periodic structures. Scanning of constrained coordinates is a standard approach for molecular codes with localized basis functions, where a full set of internal coordinates is used for optimization. Common plane wave-codes for periodic boundary conditions almost exlusively rely on Cartesian coordinates. An implementation of constrained linear combinations of bond lengths with Cartesian coordinates is described. Along with an optimization of the value of the constrained coordinate toward the transition states, this allows transition optimization within a single calculation. The approach is suitable for transition states that can be well described in terms of broken and formed bonds. In particular, the implementation is shown to be effective and efficient in the optimization of transition states in zeolite-catalyzed reactions, which have high relevance in industrial processes.