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Efficient Thermal Processes Using Alternating Electromagnetic Field for Methodical and Selective Release of Hydrogen Isotopes

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posted on 03.02.2021, 11:43 by Simona E. Hunyadi Murph, Henry Sessions, Kaitlin Coopersmith, Michael Brown, Patrick A. Ward
The controlled and selective release of hydrogen isotopes from lanthanum–nickel–aluminum (LANA) materials was achieved using an alternating electromagnetic field (AEMF). In the presence of the AEMF, the rate of desorption for D2 was faster than for H2. In a closed system, compared to the control experiments with helium, hydrogen-loaded LANA samples showed a significant increase in pressure, which illustrate the desorption of hydrogen from the applied AEMF. An exponential increase in the hydrogen release rate was observed with an increased AEMF strength. Additionally, hydrogen release from LANA confined in a subzero environment (−78 °C) using an AEMF was demonstrated. These results demonstrate that the LANA material can be heated directly using alternating electromagnetic fields rather than indirectly to rapidly and selectively desorb hydrogen isotopes. The rapid response and difference in desorption kinetics for different hydrogen isotopes in the presence of the alternating electromagnetic fields provide a promising pathway for applications requiring the controlled release of hydrogen and separation of its isotopes.