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Efficient Synthesis of the C(1)−C(9) Fragment of Amphidinolides C, C2, and F

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posted on 05.11.2010, 00:00 by Laurent Ferrié, Bruno Figadère
The synthesis of the C(1)−C(9) fragment of amphidinolides C, C2, and F was achieved by using a vinyloguous Mukaiyama aldol reaction on a chiral aldehyde with a silyloxyfuran and by using a C-glycosylation of a lactol derivative with an acetyl oxazolidinethione. From the available chiral acetonide−glyceraldehyde, all the stereogenic centers were perfectly induced along the synthesis. The C(1)−C(9) fragment was synthesized as a vinyl stannane at C(9) in 10 steps, with 16% yield.