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Efficient Synthesis of Dipyrrolobenzenes and Dipyrrolopyrazines via Bidirectional Gold Catalysis: a Combined Synthetic and Photophysical Study

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posted on 26.04.2022, 17:05 authored by Robin Heckershoff, Tobias Schnitzer, Tim Diederich, Lukas Eberle, Petra Krämer, Frank Rominger, Matthias Rudolph, A. Stephen K. Hashmi
New N-heterocyclic fluorophores are sought-after compounds for organic electronic devices. Here, we report on a straightforward synthesis to access meta/para-dipyrrolobenzenes and para-dipyrrolopyrazines in high yields using a bidirectional gold-catalyzed cyclization strategy. The versatility of our reaction protocol was showcased by preparing dipyrroloarenes with different substituents, various functional groups, and in a multitude of substitution patterns. Furthermore, we showed that the dipyrroloarenes can be post-modified by N-alkylation to improve the solubility or bromination to yield precursors for further derivatization via cross-coupling. Investigation of the photophysical properties of themostly unprecedenteddipyrroloarenes identified strong blue emitters such as the diphenyl meta-dipyrrolobenzene with a quantum yield of 98%. Moreover, we showed that changes in the solvent polarity or interactions with Lewis acids such as borane can be used to fine-tune the photophysical properties of the fluorophores.