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Efficient Estimation of Formation Enthalpies for Closed-Shell Organic Compounds with Local Coupled-Cluster Methods

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posted on 20.09.2018, 00:00 authored by Eugene Paulechka, Andrei Kazakov
Efficient estimation of the enthalpies of formation for closed-shell organic compounds via atom-equivalent-type computational schemes and with the use of different local coupled-cluster with single, double, and perturbative triple excitation (CCSD­(T)) approximations was investigated. Detailed analysis of established sources of uncertainty, inclusive of contributions beyond frozen-core CCSD­(T) and errors due to local CCSD­(T) approximations and zero-point energy anharmonicity, suggests the lower limit of about 2 kJ·mol–1 for the expanded uncertainty of the proposed estimation framework. Among the tested computational schemes, the best-performing cases demonstrate expanded uncertainty of about 2.5 kJ·mol–1, based on the analysis against 44 critically evaluated experimental values. Computational efficiency, accuracy commensurable with that of a typical experiment, and absence of the need for auxiliary reactions and additional experimental data offer unprecedented advantages for practical use, such as prompt validation of existing measurements and estimation of missing values, as well as resolution of experimental conflicts. The utility of the proposed methodology was demonstrated using a representative sample of the most recent experimental measurements.