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Efficient Approach To Construct Unsymmetrical Biaryls through Oxidative Coupling Reactions of Aromatic Primary Alcohols and Arylboronic Acids with a Rhodium Catalyst

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posted on 2016-05-27, 11:48 authored by Xiaobo Yu, Jingjing Wang, Weijie Guo, Yun Tian, Jianhui Wang
Unsymmetrical biaryls were synthesized by oxidative coupling reactions between aromatic primary alcohols and arylboronic acids through the C–C bond cleavage of the primary alcohols chelated with a rhodium catalyst. The desired unsymmetrical biaryl products were obtained in good to excellent yields under the optimized reaction conditions. A wide variety of functionalities are compatible with the reaction under the optimized conditions. This new coupling strategy provides a favorable method to construct valuable biaryl compounds from aromatic primary alcohols which are cheap, environmentally friendly, and easily accessible substrates.