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Efficient Anodic Allylation and Benzylation of Carbons Using Allyl and Benzyl Trimethylsilanes

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posted on 19.02.2016, 09:54 by Viatcheslav Jouikov, Jacques Simonet
An easy process for allylation and benzylation of different carbon materials, primarily of glassy carbon, in acetonitrile solutions containing tetraalkyammonium salts is described. The method relies on the capability of C­(sp2) zones of glassy carbon (graphite and fullerene-like inclusions) to be anodically charged at potentials >1.5 V versus Ag/AgCl to form electrophilic centers reacting with substituted trimethylsilanes RSiMe3. Great propensity of the trimethylsilyl group (TMS+) to act as a cationic leaving group facilitates electrophilic reactions of the charged anodic surface with R-carrying silylated precursors, permitting efficient grafting of a large variety of R groups. The present preliminary work focuses only on the efficient grafting of benzyl and allyl moieties.