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Effective Synthesis of Pb5S2I6 Crystals at Low Temperature for Fabrication of a High Performance Photodetector

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posted on 2018-03-06, 00:00 authored by Hongrui Wang, Guihuan Chen, Jianhang Xu, Yunpeng Xu, Qing Yang
Sulfoiodide crystals possess promising properties and functionalities that would be used for technical applications in many areas. In this work, rod-like lead sulfoiodide (Pb5S2I6) crystals with a length of about 3 mm have been fabricated via a rapid hydrothermal process at a temperature down to 160 °C for 10 h with the assistance of acid media (hydrochloride acid). Meanwhile, the structure of Pb5S2I6 was characterized, and the optical property of Pb5S2I6 was measured and investigated based on density functional theory calculations. In addition, an individual Pb5S2I6 crystal based photodetector was first constructed on SiO2/Si substrate, which sensitively responds to stimulated sunlight especially in the visible region with high responsivity (0.567 mA W–1), high detectivity (2.69 × 109 Jones), and high photoswitching ratio (up to 650). And also, the device presents a short rise/decay time of less than 0.2 s and low noise equivalent power (4.08 × 10–13 W Hz–1/2).