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Effective Lorenz Number of the Point Contact between Silver Nanowires

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posted on 2020-11-16, 19:37 authored by Yucheng Xiong, Yang Zhao, Yi Tao, Fengju Yao, Deyu Li, Dongyan Xu
Electrical and thermal transport through metal point contacts, a key issue in the design and operation of various engineering devices, is of great recent interest. The effective Lorenz number (L), which relates the thermal to electrical conductance of point contacts, could provide valuable information on the relative contribution of electrons and phonons to thermal transport. Through measuring electrical and thermal transport across point contacts between silver nanowires, we report that L significantly deviates from the Sommerfeld value by up to 5.2 times and exhibits nonmonotonic variation with temperature. Analyses show that these observations are due to the more important phonon contribution to the thermal conductance of the point contact as Sharvin resistance greatly hinders electron transport, which is further confirmed by the size dependence of L with a higher value for a smaller contact size. These results provide critical insights into engineering designs involving point contacts between metal nanostructures.