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Effect of a Self-Assembled Nucleating Agent on the Crystallization Behavior and Spherulitic Morphology of Poly(lactic acid)

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posted on 2023-11-06, 16:40 authored by Zhixiang Yan, Yanqin Huang, Wenfeng Zhao, Bin Wu, Chengkai Liu, Xiangyu Yan, Hongwei Pan, Yan Zhao, Huiliang Zhang
Herein, decanedioic acid dibenzoylhydrazide (DDBH) was used as a nucleating agent to improve the crystallization of poly­(lactic acid) (PLA). The formation of DDBH assemblies in PLA melts at different concentrations was systematically investigated. The DDBH (0.5–0.9 wt %) recrystallized as dendrite-like structures during the isothermal crystallization process, and the crystal morphology of PLA underwent a morphological change from spherical form to a similar dendritic crystal form. Differential scanning calorimetry and in situ wide-angle X-ray diffraction analysis results showed that crystallizability and overall crystallization rate of PLA were enhanced by the addition of DDBH. The half-crystallization time at 120 °C reduced to 0.28 min compared to pure PLA (6.12 min), after adding 0.9 wt % DDBH. Moreover, the crystallinity and lamellar thickness of crystalline PLA increased, while the size of the microcrystal of PLA decreased with an increase in DDBH content. The heat deflection temperatures of PLA/DDBH blends increased and hence heat resistance improved.