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Edible Inonotus dryadeus Fungi with Quick Separation of Water Pollutant Oils and Methylene Blue Dye

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journal contribution
posted on 11.04.2016, 15:50 authored by Balaprasad Ankamwar
Herein, dry Inonotus dryadeus (DID) fungi is reported as a rapid separator of engine oil, used engine oil, and lambda cyhalothrin pesticide with adsorption capacities up to 7.15, 8.40, and 5.75 times mass of DID, respectively. The high adsorption of methylene blue dye at equilibrium (137 mg/g) is significantly higher than recently reported iron amended activated carbon (10.30 mg/g), tea fruit activated carbon (21.37 mg/g), and titanate nanotubes (94.15 mg/g). This study with plausible mechanisms authenticates an economically viable model for water body cleaning technology and oil, using oil-adsorbed cakes of DID as a source of energy.