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EcoliGD: An Online Tool for Designing Escherichia coli Genome

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posted on 2022-06-30, 12:07 authored by Hai-Xia Guo, Sen-Bin Zhu, Zixin Deng, Feng-Biao Guo
Synthetic biology is an important interdisciplinary field that has emerged in this century, focusing on the rewriting and reprogramming of DNA through the cycles of “design-edit”, and so, the cell’s own operating system, its genome, is naturally coming into focus. Here, we propose EcoliGD, an online genome design tool with a visual interactive interface and the function of browsing information, as well as the ability to perform insertion, exchange, deletion, and codon replacement operations on the E. coli genome and display the results in real-time. Users can utilize EcoliGD to check various functional characteristic about E. coli genes, to help them build their genomes. Furthermore, we also collected experimentally verified large genomic segments that have been successfully deleted from the genome for users to choose from and simplify the genome. EcoliGD can help recode the entire E. coli genome, providing a novel way to explore the diversity and function of this microorganism. The EcoliGD web tool is available at