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Dynamic Model of Batch Enzymatic Reactive Distillation for the Production of R‑2-Pentyl Butyrate

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posted on 06.12.2019, 14:36 by Michał Blatkiewicz, Fynn Mißfeldt, Irina Smirnova
A dynamic model of batch enzymatic reactive distillation was developed based on equilibrium stage approach. Phenomena within the evaporator, column, and condenser were modeled for nonsteady state operation of the process. A detailed approach to reaction kinetics, including equilibrium limitations, overtime deactivation of the catalyst in different temperatures, diffusional limitations in catalytically active xerogel coating, and temperature influence on the catalyst, was undertaken for ethyl butyrate transesterification with R-2-pentanol with the use of Candida antarctica lipase B as the catalyst. The model was validated with experimental data and served as a simulation tool for sensitivity analysis.