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Dynamic Electric Field Alignment of Metal–Organic Framework Microrods

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posted on 2019-08-08, 14:03 authored by Fei Cheng, Adam J. Young, Jean-Sebastien G. Bouillard, Neil T. Kemp, Rémy Guillet-Nicolas, Connor H. Hall, David Roberts, Ayoub H. Jaafar, Ali M. Adawi, Freddy Kleitz, Arnout Imhof, Michael R. Reithofer, Jia Min Chin
Alignment of metal–organic framework (MOF) crystals has previously been performed via careful control of oriented MOF growth on substrates, as well as by dynamic magnetic alignment. We show here that bromobenzene-suspended microrod crystals of the MOF NU-1000 can also be dynamically aligned via electric fields, giving rise to rapid electrooptical responses. This method of dynamic MOF alignment opens up new avenues of MOF control which are important for integration of MOFs into switchable electronic devices as well as in other applications such as reconfigurable sensors or optical systems.