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Dynamic Double Lattice of 1-Adamantaneselenolate Self-Assembled Monolayers on Au{111}

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posted on 07.12.2011, 00:00 by J. Nathan Hohman, Moonhee Kim, Björn Schüpbach, Martin Kind, John C. Thomas, Andreas Terfort, Paul S. Weiss
We report a complex, dynamic double lattice for 1-adamantaneselenolate monolayers on Au{111}. Two lattices coexist, revealing two different binding modes for selenols on gold: molecules at bridge sites have lower conductance than molecules at three-fold hollow sites. The monolayer is dynamic, with molecules switching reversibly between the two site-dependent conductance states. Monolayer dynamics enable adsorbed molecules to reorganize according to the underlying gold electronic structure over long distances, which facilitates emergence of the self-organized rows of dimers. The low-conductance molecules assume a (7 × 7) all-bridge configuration, similar to the analogous 1-adamantanethiolate monolayers on Au{111}. The high-conductance molecules self-organize upon mild annealing into distinctive rows of dimers with long-range order, described by a (6√5 × 6√5)R15° unit cell.