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Dynamic Detection of Endogenous Hydroxyl Radicals at Single-Cell Level with Individual Ag–Au Nanocages

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posted on 07.07.2020, 14:50 by Shaojun Wu, Cheng Ma, Yan Gao, Yu Su, Qing Xia, Zixuan Chen, Jun-Jie Zhu
Hydroxyl radicals (•OH) are a type of short-lived radical which is the most aggressive reactive oxygen species due to its high reactivity to biomolecules. Dynamic measurement of •OH level in living cells is critical for understanding cell physiology and pathology. In this manuscript, we prepare individual Ag–Au@PEG/RGD nanocages for in situ determination of endogenous •OH at single-cell level, whose spectral shift rate correlate to the •OH concentration. The high-selective response to •OH relies on the specific oxidization of the conjugated PEG/RGD outside and the silver etching inside the nanocages that resulted in a significant LSPR signal and scattered color changes. The spectral red-shift rate of LSPR has a linear relationship with the logarithm of •OH concentration in range of 100 pM to 1 μM, suitable for the measurement of endogenous •OH. Thus, the individual nanocages were successfully used to monitor the dynamic intracellular •OH level of single tumor cells under oxidative stress. This strategy has great potential in promoting •OH mediated cell homeostasis and injury research.