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Dual Role of Quantum Dots as Color Conversion Layer and Suppression of Input Light for Full-Color Micro-LED Displays

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posted on 2021-07-20, 15:15 authored by Byung-Ryool Hyun, Chin-Wei Sher, Yu-Wei Chang, Yonghong Lin, Zhaojun Liu, Hao-Chung Kuo
In micro-light-emitting diode (micro-LED) displays with color-conversion layers, a facile and efficient technology getting rid of the use of the color filters leads to a big technical leap in cost-effective fabrication. In this study, it is demonstrated that quantum dot (QD) color conversion layers can significantly suppress residual blue excitation light because of the high extinction coefficients of QDs, ∼0.1% transmittance of blue light for green and red core/shell CdSe/ZnS QD film with thickness of less than 17 μm, and produce green and red colors. Incorporation of TiO2 nanoparticles into QD solutions enhances more than 10% of the luminous intensity by the scattering effect. It is found that the suppression of QD reabsorption is essential to achieve a high color-conversion efficiency. Our results provide a clear path to a cost-effective fabrication of QD conversion layer micro-LED displays over the full range of their applications.