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Dual Photoredox/Nickel-Promoted Alkylation of Heteroaryl Halides with Redox-Active Esters

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posted on 31.08.2021, 22:03 by Nicole Erin Behnke, Zachary S. Sales, Minyan Li, Aaron T. Herrmann
Herein a method for the radical alkylation of heteroaryl halides that relies upon the combination of photoredox and nickel catalysis is described. The use of aliphatic N-(acyloxy)­phthalimides as redox-active esters affords primary and secondary radicals for the decarboxylative dual cross-coupling with pyrimidine and pyridine heteroaryl chlorides, bromides, and iodides. The method provides an additional synthetic tool for the incorporation of medicinally relevant heterocyclic motifs.