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Dual-Emitter Graphene Glass Fiber Fabric for Radiant Heating

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posted on 2022-02-02, 14:03 authored by Hao Yuan, Hui Zhang, Kewen Huang, Yi Cheng, Kun Wang, Shuting Cheng, Wenjuan Li, Jun Jiang, Junliang Li, Ce Tu, Xiaobai Wang, Yue Qi, Zhongfan Liu
Radiant heating, as a significant thermal management technique, is best known for its high thermal effect, media-free operation, good penetration, and compatibility for different heated shapes. To promote sustainable development in this area, developing advanced infrared radiation material is in high demand. In this work, a lightweight, flexible dual-emitter infrared electrothermal material, graphene glass fiber (GGF), is developed by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method, with both graphene and glass fiber as the radiation elements. Large-area GGF fabric (GGFF) exhibits wavelength-independent high infrared emissivity (0.92) and thermal radiation efficiency (79.4%), as well as ultrafast electrothermal response (190.7 °C s–1 at 9.30 W cm–2) and uniform heating temperature. The superior radiant heating capability of GGFF to traditional alloy heating wires can achieve 33.3% energy saving. GGF can promote the development of efficient and energy-saving heat management technology.