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Doubly Interpenetrated Metal–Organic Framework of pcu Topology for Selective Separation of Propylene from Propane

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posted on 14.10.2020, 15:14 by Ting Liu, Hui Cui, Xin Zhang, Zhi-Yin Zhang, Rui-Biao Lin, Bin Liang, Jian Zhang, Dan Li, Banglin Chen
Adsorptive separation is an appealing alternative technology to reduce the high energy and capital cost of the distillation separation of propylene/propane; however, it is very challenging to realize. A new flexible metal–organic framework (MOF) material [Zn2(BDC-Cl)2(Py2TTz)] with a doubly interpenetrated pillared paddle wheel structure of pcu (primitive cubic) topology has been realized for this difficult separation for the first time. Through a judicious choice of linkers, the framework has small pore apertures that lead to much more propylene adsorption than propane. The selective adsorption relies on the sieving effect of the flexible framework. The column breakthrough experiment further demonstrated that efficient separation can be achieved under dynamic conditions.