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Double Isocyanide Cyclization: A Synthetic Strategy for Two-Carbon-Tethered Pyrrole/Oxazole Pairs

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posted on 16.02.2011, 00:00 authored by Yifei Li, Xianxiu Xu, Jing Tan, Chunyu Xia, Dawei Zhang, Qun Liu
A new strategy for the construction of the compounds with two different heterocycles, linked by a C2-tether via a domino process involving [5 + 1] annulation, ring-opening, and subsequent double isocyanide cyclization, from the reaction of ethyl isocyanoacetate with divinyl ketones (DVKs) has been developed. The chemoselective fragmentation of the cyclohexanone intermediate is the key for the formation of not only the C2-tether but also the two different heterocycles.