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Double Coating for the Enhancement of the Performance in a MA0.7FA0.3PbBr3 Photodetector

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posted on 04.05.2018, 00:00 authored by Hai Zhou, Zhaoning Song, Changlei Wang, Corey R. Grice, Zehao Song, Dewei Zhao, Hao Wang, Yanfa Yan
Lead halide perovskites are attractive materials for applications in broadband or narrowband photodetectors (PDs) due to their direct and tunable band gaps covering a wide range of the visible spectrum. However, the practical applications of perovskite-based PDs are still hindered by the material instability and relatively poor performance. In this paper, we report MA0.7FA0.3PbBr3 PDs with double coating using poly­(methyl methacrylate) and ZnO microparticles, which protects perovskite and enhances light scattering, respectively. With the double coating, the PDs show much improved performances with the responsivity and detectivity reaching 0.51 A W−1 and 4.0 × 1012 Jones, respectively. Furthermore, the PDs show on/off ratio and linear dynamic range up to 105 and 100 dB, respectively. Our approach suggests a new route to fabricate efficient and stable perovskite-based PDs.