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Donor–Acceptor–Acceptor-Conjugated Dual-State Emissive Acrylonitriles: Investigating the Effect of Acceptor Unit Order and Biological Imaging

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posted on 2022-11-09, 21:35 authored by Xiaoming Zhu, Lu Feng, Shixian Cao, Jianguo Wang, Guangle Niu
The effect of acceptor unit order on the photophysical properties of two distinct donor–acceptor–acceptor conjugated fluorescent acrylonitriles, TPA-AN-PhBT and TPA-BT-ANPh, was systematically investigated. Compared with faintly emissive TPA-AN-PhBT in solution, TPA-BT-ANPh showed strong red-shifted fluorescence. TPA-AN-PhBT and TPA-BT-ANPh exhibited enhanced green and deep red emissions with remarkable fluorescence quantum yields up to 44% in the solid state. In addition, TPA-BT-ANPh possessed stronger two-photon absorption than TPA-AN-PhBT. Furthermore, these biocompatible dyes served as excellent fluorescent markers for specific lipid droplet imaging.