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Distance and Color Change Based Hydrogel Sensor for Visual Quantitative Determination of Buffer Concentrations

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posted on 21.03.2019, 00:00 by Renjie Wang, Xinfeng Du, Jingying Zhai, Xiaojiang Xie
We present here an innovative platform for the determination of pH buffer capacity based on FITC-dextran loaded hydrogels. Optical signals from the pH-sensitive hydrogels were analyzed by simple parameters including distance and color change. The methodology was validated on five different buffer systems and exhibited wide linearity (0.1 to 100 mM), good batch-to-batch reproducibility, high versatility, and resistance to background ionic strength changes. Experimental results also fit well with a theoretical model based on numerical simulation. Preliminary application in carbonate alkalinity determination of seawater proved very successful. This hydrogel buffer concentration sensor is fundamentally different from conventional acid–base titrations, brings minimum perturbation to samples, and shows great potential in real applications.