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Dispersive Micro-Solid-Phase Extraction of Herbicides in Vegetable Oil with Metal–Organic Framework MIL-101

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posted on 2015-03-04, 00:00 authored by Na Li, Liyuan Zhang, Li Nian, Bocheng Cao, Zhibing Wang, Lei Lei, Xiao Yang, Jiaqi Sui, Hanqi Zhang, Aimin Yu
Dispersive microsolid-phase extraction based on metal–organic framework has been developed and applied to the extraction of triazine and phenylurea herbicides in vegetable oils in this work. The herbicides were directly extracted with MIL-101 from diluted vegetables oils without any further cleanup. The separation and determination of herbicides were carried out on high performance liquid chromatography. The effects of experimental parameters, including volume ratio of n-hexane to oil sample, mass of MIL-101, extraction time, centrifugation time, eluting solvent, and elution time were investigated. The Student’s t test was applied to evaluate the selected experimental conditions. The limits of detection for the herbicides ranged from 0.585 to 1.04 μg/L. The recoveries of the herbicides ranged from 87.3 to 107%. Our results showed that the present method is rapid, simple, and effective for extracting herbicides in vegetable oils.