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Dispersion of Complex Refractive Indices for Intense Vibrational Bands. I. Quantitative Spectra

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posted on 18.08.2021, 00:05 by Ryo Murata, Ken-ichi Inoue, Lin Wang, Shen Ye, Akihiro Morita
This paper reviews the dispersion of complex refractive indices for representative intense vibrational bands of organic liquids in the absolute scale. Conspicuous variations in both real and imaginary refractive indices over the intense bands are precisely determined as a function of infrared wavenumber by attenuated total reflection infrared absorption measurement. The accurate spectral data offer an excellent reference to calibrate the absolute infrared intensities by various quantum chemical calculations, and thus, critical comparison between the present experiment and computation was reported to clarify the general accuracy of the quantum chemical calculations. The precise data of the dispersion will be utilized to clarify their impact on the analysis of vibrational spectroscopy of interfaces in the subsequent paper.