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Dispersing and Retarding Properties of Water-Soluble Tetrasulfonate Resorcin[4]arene and Pyrogallol[4]arene Macrocycles in Cement-Based Mortar

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posted on 18.07.2020, 00:13 by Clotilde Capacchione, Davide Picariello, Paolo Della Sala, Carmen Talotta, Placido Neri, Immacolata Bruno, Antonio Pauciulo, Andrea Roberta Bartiromo, Rocco Gliubizzi, Carmine Gaeta
Water-soluble tetrasulfonate resorcin[4]­arene (1a and 1c) and pyrogallol[4]­arene (1b) macrocycles were synthesized and investigated for their dispersing properties in cement-based mortars. Mortar tests clearly show that these polyhydroxylated macrocycles (nonpolymeric) work as cement dispersants. Setting time determinations indicate that the macrocycles 1a and 1b show a retarding effect that is reminiscent of the behavior of superplasticizers (SPs) functionalized with polyhydroxylated β-CDs. Finally, the addition of sulfate anions to the cement paste does not affect the dispersing abilities of 1b, probably due to the sulfate anion capture by H-bonding interactions with its OH groups at the upper rim.