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Discrete Dimeric Anthracene Stackings in Solids with Enhanced Excimer Fluorescence

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posted on 09.05.2017, 00:00 by Haichao Liu, Dengli Cong, Bao Li, Ling Ye, Yunpeng Ge, Xiaohui Tang, Yue Shen, Yating Wen, Jun Wang, Changjiang Zhou, Bing Yang
Polyaromatic compounds are significant members of leading candidates for organic semiconductors and optical materials. However, a thorny problem of polyaromatic materials is that their good emissive abilities in solutions are seriously weakened in solids due to strong π–π interactions between aromatics. As a typical case, the intermolecular π–π interaction tends to form excimers for polyaromatic system, which were always considered to quench fluorescence and decrease luminous efficiency in the past decades. Herein, anthracene is modified by meta-substituted bromobenzene to facilitate the formation of discrete dimeric stack in solids, leading to the enhanced anthracene excimer fluorescence. Particularly, instead of excimer quenching fluorescence, the more anthracene dimers in solids, the higher fluorescence efficiency, namely, excimer-induced enhanced solid-state emission. This work not only provides a meta-substituted strategy for molecular design to form excimer in solids but also demonstrates that high-efficiency solid-state emission can be achieved by excimer species.