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Discovery of a Potent and Isoform-Selective Targeted Covalent Inhibitor of the Lipid Kinase PI3Kα

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posted on 14.02.2013, 00:00 by Mariana Nacht, Lixin Qiao, Michael P. Sheets, Thia St. Martin, Matthew Labenski, Hormoz Mazdiyasni, Russell Karp, Zhendong Zhu, Prasoon Chaturvedi, Deepa Bhavsar, Deqiang Niu, William Westlin, Russell C. Petter, Aravind Prasad Medikonda, Juswinder Singh
PI3Kα has been identified as an oncogene in human tumors. By use of rational drug design, a targeted covalent inhibitor 3 (CNX-1351) was created that potently and specifically inhibits PI3Kα. We demonstrate, using mass spectrometry and X-ray crystallography, that the selective inhibitor covalently modifies PI3Kα on cysteine 862 (C862), an amino acid unique to the α isoform, and that PI3Kβ, -γ, and -δ are not covalently modified. 3 is able to potently (EC50 < 100 nM) and specifically inhibit signaling in PI3Kα-dependent cancer cell lines, and this leads to a potent antiproliferative effect (GI50 < 100 nM). A covalent probe, 8 (CNX-1220), which selectively bonds to PI3Kα, was used to investigate the duration of occupancy of 3 with PI3Kα in vivo. This is the first report of a PI3Kα-selective inhibitor, and these data demonstrate the biological impact of selectively targeting PI3Kα.