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Discovery of Novel Tricyclic Thiazepine Derivatives as Anti-Drug-Resistant Cancer Agents by Combining Diversity-Oriented Synthesis and Converging Screening Approach

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posted on 2016-04-15, 15:26 authored by Jinbao Xiang, Zhuoqi Zhang, Yan Mu, Xianxiu Xu, Sigen Guo, Yongjin Liu, Daniel P. Russo, Hao Zhu, Bing Yan, Xu Bai
An efficient discovery strategy by combining diversity-oriented synthesis and converging cellular screening is described. By a three-round screening process, we identified novel tricyclic pyrido­[2,3-b]­[1,4]­benzothiazepines showing potent inhibitory activity against paclitaxel-resistant cell line H460TaxR (EC50 < 1.0 μM), which exhibits much less toxicity toward normal cells (EC50 > 100 μM against normal human fibroblasts). The most active hits also exhibited drug-like properties suitable for further preclinical research. This redeployment of antidepressing compounds for anticancer applications provides promising future prospects for treating drug-resistant tumors with fewer side effects.