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Discovery of Lucensimycins A and B from Streptomyces lucensis MA7349 Using an Antisense Strategy

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posted on 23.11.2006, 00:00 by Sheo B. Singh, Deborah L. Zink, Joanne Huber, Olga Genilloud, Oscar Salazar, M. Teresa Diez, Angela Basilio, Francisca Vicente, Kevin M. Byrne
Inhibition of protein synthesis is one of the validated and highly successful targets for inhibition of bacterial growth; this mechanism is a target of a large number of clinical drugs. Ribosomal protein S4, a primary protein, is a potential target for the discovery of antibacterial agents. We describe, using an antisense-sensitized rpsD Streptomyces aureus strain, the discovery and activity of lucensimycins A and B.